Asia Pacific IPv6 Deployment Gets Funding Boost

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Asia Pacific IPv6 Deployment Gets Funding Boost

For the first time ever, ISIF Asia is supporting IPv6 uptake via a USD 800,000 direct grants program for IPv6 deployments.

Grants available range between USD 30,000 and USD 250,000 and applications are now open. They will remain open until funds are exhausted. 

An infographic with information about the IPv6 deployment grants.

Who can apply? 

To be eligible for the grants, organizations must hold IPv6 address space and be based in the Asia Pacific. The IPv6 deployment project should also take place in an Asia Pacific economy.  Those who are interested in applying, but don’t currently hold any IPv6 space should first apply for an IPv6 allocation. APNIC Members who hold IPv4 are automatically eligible to receive IPv6. 

The grants will be open to all industry types and stakeholder groups and will prioritize support to proposals that maximize community benefit, in particular, those seeking funding to deploy IPv6 in unserved or underserved communities, and/or in rural or remote areas. 

More information on eligibility is available in the FAQs on the ISIF Asia website.

The IPv6 deployment grants are part of an expanded grants and awards program in 2021. ISIF Asia is administered by the APNIC Foundation and the expanded grants program has been made possible thanks to funding support from the Asia Pacific Internet Development Trust (APIDT).

This post originally appeared on the APNIC Blog.