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—- [Shutdown Summary]

Iranians are no strangers to Internet shutdowns. Since 2009, there has been an increasing number of Internet shutdowns in Iran, ranging from local and regional events to a near-total national blackout in November 2019. During this particular event, the Iranian government shut down the Internet for a week across the entire country in response to anti-government protests, with connectivity to the outside world down to just 4-5%. Over 80% of the Iranian population accesses the Internet via a mobile connection, with fixed-line access unavailable for most. Restricting access to the Internet for vast swathes of the population has a hugely detrimental effect on the economy and an individual’s ability to generate income, not to mention the societal implications of not being able to contact loved ones, or access information and critical services. Iran is one of the countries that shuts down the Internet the most frequently, with over XX shutdowns recorded since XX.

—- [Country Report Summary]