Netloss Calculator

Want to know how much a recent Internet shutdown in your country cost the economy? Or, curious to understand the impact of an anticipated Internet shutdown? Use the Internet Society Pulse NetLoss Calculator to find out more.

Select the country from the drop down list, then select the dates you are interested in (leave the current date for the end of an ongoing Shutdown), and finally, select the type of Internet shutdown


The Internet Society Pulse NetLoss Calculator uses an economic framework to estimate the impact of Internet shutdowns on a range of economic, social, and other outcomes and uses econometric tools to provide a rigorous and precise estimate of the economic impact of a given shutdown. The methodology relies on publicly available datasets to calculate the economic impact of an Internet shutdown. Using open datasets makes our methodology reproducible as well as transparent. See the full methodology <add link to paper>.

Note: Currently, the NetLoss calculator cannot estimate the economic impact of Internet shutdowns in the following countries due to lack of publicly available data: <list>